frontline youth

Don't be satisfied standing on the sidelines, or sitting in the gradstands! Our goal as a youth group is to run the race that is set before us in our Christian lives (Heb. 12:1), and not just to run, but to win (1 Cor. 9:24). The Christian life is a race, and all believers must participate. Those who succeed are they that are disciplined, driven, and determined.

Our purpose statement encompasses these ideals: Preparing the next generation to run the race that is before them; disciplined in the training of God’s word, driven with a desire to be Christlike, and determined to reach the goal. We don’t want our teens to just run life’s race, but to run and win. We don’t them to just “get by” in their walk with God, but to experience the complete joy and satisfaction that is found in Christ. 

The goal of Frontline is to equip and encourage teens to exercise their faith. No athlete has ever won without being disciplined and determined in his objective. We will teach what it means to be driven to be Christlike. We want to stress the importance of determination.  

“Get in the race and run to win.”

Contact Dakota Briner for more information. 

Frontline Youth meets during Sunday School and with monthly activities.